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Your clients have been asking about starting a podcast but the technical stuff all seems a bit tricky. Maybe they’ve already given it a go, but without editing and a bit of polish, it’s unlikely to be more than an expensive hobby for them.

Luckily it’s never been easier to put out a podcast your client can be proud of – or one that showcases your own business. In this comprehensive course, I’ll show you

  • How to edit audio as easily as editing a Google doc
  • How to write show notes and titles that make people want to click Play… all with the help of AI
  • How to get your clients’ audio into Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube Music and more
  • How much you can earn

Add a steady and more easily-predictable revenue stream, and make yourself even more indispensable to your clients.

What you’ll get out of this course

  • The tools you need to get started
  • The full lowdown on editing audio and video
  • AI prompts to help you write titles and show notes
  • Clarity on what you can expect to earn
  • Help landing your first client

Hiya 👋 I’m Mark

I’ve been making podcasts since 2008, and have worked full-time in podcasting since 2016.

I make podcasts for best-selling authors, TV personalities, coaches and consultants, startup founders, and iInternational speakers. I edit some of the top 100 shows in the Business and Relationships categories, and sold a podcast hosting and distribution company in 2021.

I co-created the Bullseye category of the British Podcast Awards that champions niche shows, and now I teach subject matter experts how to make podcasts that build trust and authority.

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Mark is someone who you feel you've known for years when you first meet him. He's a warm and wonderful force of nature.
—Frances Fogel
I've no doubt without Mark's help I'd still be twiddling my podcast thumbs, thinking and not doing. Instead I'm close to 20 episodes in and excited by the next chapter.
—Ben Johnson, Host, Peripheral Thinking
You will learn how to launch a podcast and how to love yourself more at the same time.
—Serena Savini, Host, I'm Back!

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