Making a promo for your podcast

How to make and distribute a 30-60 second promo to drive new listeners to your show.

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You’ve tried social media to grow your podcast – but have you tried creating an audio ad for it? In this video, I dive into the process of making and distributing a 30 to 60 second promo that you can play on other podcasts to attract new listeners to yours.

What’s covered in this video

  1. Setting the context
    • Importance of creating an audio ad for your podcast
    • Overview of making and distributing a 30 to 60 second promo
  2. Creating a promo
    • Setting the length and content of the promo
    • Establishing the problem or tension
    • Pacing and delivery to match the show’s cadence
    • Using clean audio and considering the context
  3. Music and audio branding
    • Matching the music to the show’s brand and cadence
    • Minimising distractions and ensuring clarity
    • Telling a musical story and ending with a flourish
  4. Creating a compelling call-to-action

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