Dynamic ad insertion isn't just about ads

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If you’re not using dynamic ad insertion within your podcast, you could be missing out on new sales or new relationships. DAI isn’t just about stuffing your show with third-party ads, but about showcasing your own products and services in a timely and relevant way.

What you’ll get from this video

  • Understand the different types of ads and announcements that support the viability of your podcast
  • Explore the benefits of DAI and how it can enhance the listener experience
  • Create ad slots within your episodes to maximise monetisation opportunities
  • Leverage ad campaigns to promote your own products, services, or events
  • Optimise show notes and use trackable links to drive conversions
  • Learn from real-world examples and best practices in podcast advertising

Whether you’re on episode 1 or 100, this video will provide you with practical steps you can take to monetise your podcast.

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