Hiya 👋 I’m Mark.

I help subject matter experts solve podcasting problems.

Your knowledge and expertise set you apart. Your ability to break big topics into manageable chunks makes you a naturally good communicator. We’ll make a great team.

Start planning your podcast
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Let’s make this easy.

The road to an effective podcast is long and full of bumps, blockages, sharp turns and dead ends. You can’t “complete” podcasting, so there is no destination – but if you’ve got a good travel companion, there’s loads of fun to be had along the way.

I work with subject matter experts to create podcasts that demonstrate their authority and sound like nothing else. I want you to do your best work, reach your target audience, stay within your zone of genius, and enjoy the process.

I’ve worked with TV celebrities, best-selling authors, complete beginners and seasoned pros. I’ve been making noise on the Internet since the turn of the century, built tech products to support the podcast industry, and since 2008 have given over 1,500 podcasters their start.

I have an engineer’s brain which makes me good at thinking around corners. But as a pianist, singer-songwriter and storyteller, I have the soul of a creative. I’m also an empath, so I lead from the heart and love solving problems and clearing away confusion.

Here’s where I come from