Organise your podcast workflow with Notion

Tracking ideas, wrangling guests, and collating marketing assets for each episode.

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Podcast production can be a daunting task. In this video walkthrough I’ll show you how to manage guest bookings, track ideas, monitor project progress, and automate tasks to reduce overwhelm.

What this video covers

  • The power of Notion as a knowledge management system
  • Using Notion for project management and collaboration
  • Automating tasks with Notion and Zapier
  • Handling private and confidential information
  • Creating a press area for your podcast
  • Storing and managing podcast directory links
  • Tracking the status and progress of episodes
  • Organising and Prioritising ideas for new episodes
  • Collaboration with teammates
  • Storing and embedding media in Notion
  • Utilising Notion’s Bookmark feature for easy idea collection

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