Moments snap together like magnets

Some permission – should you need it – to go and play.

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Two weeks ago I was thinking “I’d love to do some radio again, but be invited to present, rather than asking a community statin to be involved”. I never did anything about it because, to paraphrase Boromir, “one does not simply walk into a radio presenting gig”.

A few days later I was invited to join the Happy Startup School’s Friday Fireside. A couple of hours before the event, someone emailed me about my coaching services after seeing the event promo. An hour after the event I had an unrelated chat which ended in an offer to present on a radio station.

Moments snap together like magnets forged in a chain of shackles.

I’ve never seen Equus, but I love that line in it.

I’m not a big “universe” guy. I don’t really think that the universe has our back, is out to get us, or even that it’s indifferent. I don’t view the universe as having any sentience, but I do think it stores cues and leaves clues… we just have to listen and follow.

My chilli macaroni cheese

If you process the world through doing rather than noticing, it can feel tricky to take time out because if you’re not doing, then quite frankly, who are you?

I dropped all my obligations last weekend and did nothing but cook lovely food, watch TV, and enjoy time with Roscoe and Bailey, the Internet’s most famous cat detectives. I missed the deadline for publishing a podcast episode, and d’you know what happened?

Nothing. I just recommitted to getting the next episode out on time.

I made sure all my essentials were taken care of to keep my house running, but other than that, I took the time to stop, and to put myself on receive, rather than transmit.

I’d already seen some moments snap together, but I wanted to know if there were more to come. And there were… but that’s for another time.

Listen for those moments – for the magnets snapping together. These are invitations to play, or if you prefer, to dance with the universe.

And speaking of play, Anya and I are embarking on part 2 of our series The A to Z of Happiness and we’ll be getting to P for Play very soon, Get yourself subscribed if you’re not already, and you’ll hear episode 14 on Monday.

Now go and play. Or dance. Or both!

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