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You’ve got a story to tell, and a vision of how the world should be. You’ve waited long enough to recognise that your voice has value, so now it’s time to find your people and unite them.

Speaking up takes courage and it’s not without risk. The tech feels scary, and while your heart says “go for it!”, your lizard brain’s asking “What if nobody listens?”

Hiya 👋 I’m Mark. I’ve been making podcasts since 2008, and have helped over 1,500 podcasters start shows that turn followers into fans.

I love Mark's ability to support me and create a safe space, to be practical yet empowering, and to help me eat the elephant one bite at a time.
—Serena Savini, Host, I'm Back!

There are two types of podcasters in the world: those who think “I should start a podcast!” and those whose friends say “You should start a podcast!” That enthusiasm can only take you so far – to actually ship something people want to hear… that’s where the hard work begins.

It might not feel like it, but the tech stuff is the easiest to sort out. The deep and truly valuable work is in crafting something remarkable, something that is uniquely you, and that lights a beacon for others to gather around.

But deep work doesn’t have to be heavy. This is a process you’re going to love, and it’ll show you things you never knew were possible.

—Georgina Jones, Host, Love Shortage
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Find your voice

Together we’ll find a way you can express yourself naturally, so you can be effortlessly you.

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Find your people

Your passion and your listeners’ trust in you combine to guide your message to their hearts. That’s where trust lives.

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Show the way

You don’t need all the answers – just be a guiding to those taking the road you’ve already travelled.

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Lead out loud

If you’re a verbal thinker, you can easily turn your best ideas into blog and newsletter content/

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Find a new zone of genius

You’ll learn new practical and creative skills, and gain insight into the people you’re here to serve.

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Launch with confidence

You’ll have a workflow and a manageable production process so you can ship episodes consistently.

Here’s the process

It all starts with the Podcast Canvas, my proven method for tapping into the hearts and minds of your potential audience. It’s a living document that helps us plan and position the series, and focus in on individual episodes.

We’ll work through it together over 12 weeks, gradually building a clearer picture of the show you want to make, how listeners will find it, and how we turn those listeners into fans who’ll pay to work with you.

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Build a listener persona

We’ll create a psychographic profile of your ideal listener, focusing on their personality, their values, and their spheres of influence.

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Write our listener story

We’ll craft a single sentence that distils our listener persona, the intent of the podcast, and the benefit it’ll bring them.

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Position the podcast

We’ll evaluate the landscape and home in on what will make your podcast stand out in a crowded market.

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Craft sound & feel

We’ll create a basic structure, so episodes deliver maximum listener benefit and clear calls-to-action.

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Plug in & turn on

You’ll get recommendations for any gear you might need, along with the training to use a mic like a professional.

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Put a team together

If you don’t want to go it alone, I’ll help you find someone who can edit your audio to a high standard.

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Soft launch to beta listeners

We’ll gather a small group of listeners whose feedback will help us iterate and improve the show.

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Find your first 1,000 listeners

I’ll help you put together a growth plan for how you can attract and retain listeners and build to your 1,000 true fans.

Who is this for?

  • Solopreneurs and small teams with a purpose-led product or service
  • First-time or serial authors who want to gather diverse ideas and perspectives
  • Creatives and performers who want to build a fan base
  • Coaches who want to demonstrate what working with them is like
  • Generous communicators who want to use their time to give back
Mark is someone who you feel you've known for years when you first meet him. He's a warm and wonderful force of nature.
—Frances Fogel

This is me

I gave a talk at the Happy Startup School’s Summercamp event in 2022, where I got to tell my story from wannabe radio DJ to podcast coach via tech.


“I won’t let you fail”

When I was in my last year at University, I was in a room with my dissertation supervisor and a few other students. We were all expressing how scared we were that we were going to fail because the work ahead felt so daunting.

Our supervisor, the head of the department at the time, said something that has stuck with me ever since.

“I won’t let you fail.”

What he went on to say is that he wouldn’t do the work for us, but would be our safety net, our goalie, to make sure that work that was beneath our standard wouldn’t go through.

I take that same philosophy when I work with clients. I won’t let you look or sound foolish, or express a version of yourself you’re not happy with.

While I don’t produce individual episodes, I’ll work closely with you – and whoever you want to bring on to help – to ensure you sound like you at your very best.

This is going to be so much fun

You might be doing big and important work, but that doesn’t mean the creative process has to be weighty. Not only am I confident you’ll enjoy recording and releasing episodes, but we’ll have fun working on this together.

Mark allowed Shamash and I to basically play for the whole time and not worry about anything. Honestly if this is what work is meant to feel like, then we're on to a winner.
—Calvin Niles

Pricing and payment

The price is £2,340 (around $2,900). You can split that into

  • 3 payments of £780, or
  • 6 payments of £390.

Don’t let self-doubt be what stops you

There might be any number of good reasons why starting a podcast isn’t the right thing to do just now. But self-doubt shouldn’t be among them. If you know who you want to help, the only thing to do is to figure out how we do that in a way that’s attractive to listeners and sustainable for you.

People want to hear what you have to say. You can show them from your spare room or your kitchen table. You don’t have to be visible if you don’t want to, or feel like you’re taking up space that’s already occupied. Your voice has value, and it deserves to be heard.


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Such a rich and great partnership – always supportive, awesomely talented and with you on the journey.
—Pia Lee, Co-founder & CEO, Squadify
I've no doubt without Mark's help I'd still be twiddling my podcast thumbs, thinking and not doing. Instead I'm close to 20 episodes in and excited by the next chapter.
—Ben Johnson, Host, Peripheral Thinking
It's impossible to know what you don't know. When you're busy with the grind of making a weekly podcast, it's very hard to find an opportunity to stop and take a broader view of how things are going or where improvements can be made. So Mark provides that overview.
—Zoe Edwards, Host, Check Your Thread
Some people instinctively make good ideas better, they can't help but elevate; Mark is one of them. This is the kind of personality everyone needs on their side - especially in this industry because podcasting can be a lonely and relentless business.
—Lucy Clayton, Author and podcaster, Dress: Fancy
Mark is amazing. He is helping me come out of my shell and become visible in a way that I didn't even realize I needed. I couldn't have imagined a better guide in the process of starting a podcast, and we've only just begun.
—Anna Kolak
Mark is so knowledgeable and experienced he makes complex things incredibly simple. He's flexible, and gently sees the gaps in your knowledge and fills them in, helping to create a professional and high quality offering.
—Pippa Frith