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Make something that people love, and listeners will flock to it. Right? Obviously you know that’s not how it works, but that’s the promise we’re so often sold.

Although there aren’t any quick fixes to growing a podcast audience, there are some pretty routine – and easily-missed – things you can do today that will help ensure your show is in the best shape to attract and retain listeners.

My free Podcast Growth Cheat Sheet is an easy-to-digest one-pager packed with actionable advice from years in the podcasting game. Take the guesswork out of audience building and feel a little more confident knowing you’re doing the right things to grow your show.

What it covers

  • Consistency and quality
  • Podcast artwork
  • Podcast app SEO and discoverability
  • Your episode intro
  • What you know about your listeners
  • Your calls-to-action
  • Writing compelling titles
  • Your podcast website
  • Collaboration

Hiya 👋 I’m Mark

I’ve been making and growing podcasts since 2008. I’ve been featured in Apple Podcasts and have launched new shows to the sound of crickets. I’ve helped thousands of podcasters get their start and find new audiences.

To give you a sense of how tricky I know the landscape can be, here’s an interview I did a while back, about podcast SEO.


Here’s a workshop I ran to help podcasters with some fundamental podcast marketing questions.


If you want more like this, download my free Podcast Growth Cheat Sheet below.

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