The next thing you should do if you have an email newsletter

How to instantly build rapport with your new email newsletter subscribers.

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Happy Friday! It’s been bitterly cold here in the UK’s West Midlands (the Best Midlands™). This week I heard someone describe how they take two sachets of packet soup with them to dump in one cup. Apparently it holds the heat better.

So whether you’re single- or double-bagging your lunchtime soup, here’s a quick tip to go along with it. And it starts with a question.

When people sign up to your newsletter, what happens? Do they just get new issues as they come out, or are you welcoming them aboard?

If your answer is the former (the first one, in case you’re like me and you forget), then this is for you.

If your email service allows, you can setup an automation so that when people sign up for your newsletter, they receive a welcome email from you. If your email app doesn’t support automations (“when X happens, do Y”), then it’s worth looking around for a new service. I like MailerLite, so that’s what I’m going to use in this demo video.

And if you want to steal my welcome email – I stole it from Josh Spector, after all – here’s a starting point:

Thanks for subscribing to my newsletter. I write and send newsletters on Fridays, so while you’re waiting for the next one, I have a question.

What’s one thing that’s in your way right now?

I’d love to know – I mean it. Hit Reply and let me know what’s standing in your way. If I can suggest something that’ll help, I’ll let you know. But I reply to every message.

I also offer Compass Calls, which are easy-to-book one-on-one calls to help you break a productivity, procrastination, or other pervasive problem down into manageable chunks.

If you’re not already following my Morning Creative podcast, now’s a great time to start. Each daily episode discusses a topic to help you go 1% further, and keep you motivated to produce your best work.

I also have a WhatsApp community where you can share your creative wins and losses, or just hang out if you need a virtual hug.

You can find me on Instagram, Threads, Twitter, LinkedIn, and occasionally YouTube and TikTok. Basically if you type @hellosteadman into a social media app, up should pop my face.

Again, thanks for your interest in the newsletter. Looking forward to getting to know you more, so don’t be a stranger!

Take care,
-Mark x

A welcome email like this is a great way to start building a real relationship with your subscribers, so I urge you to give this a go. It won’t take long to implement, and if you have any trouble, hit Reply and we can have a chat about getting yours setup.

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend and we’ll chat again next Friday.

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