Create a manifesto for your movement

Creativity is fuelled by having a clear and inspiring “just cause” - a purpose that goes beyond the specific tools and techniques. In this episode, you’ll learn

  1. The power of creating a “just cause”: Discover how having a clear purpose and direction can solidify your work and help others understand what you stand for. Learn how to craft a concise and inspiring statement that motivates and guides your creative journey.
  2. The importance of adaptability and resilience: Understand that a “just cause” allows you to adapt to changes in the world and navigate uncertainty. Explore how staying nimble and focused on your higher purpose can help you remain relevant and find satisfaction in the journey.
  3. The value of generosity in creative work: Explore the concept of generosity and how it can enhance your creative endeavors. Learn how genuinely caring about the people you serve and delivering value can build trust, create meaningful connections, and lead to a sustainable and fulfilling creative practice.

By listening to this episode, you’ll gain insights into the power of having a clear purpose, the benefits of adaptability, and the value of generosity in your creative work. Start your creative journey with a strong foundation and make a lasting impact with your art.


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