Top 5 ways to eat potatoes

Newsletter editor, event organiser and podcast wonder Arielle Nissenblatt joins Mark to discuss an often maligned tuber.

Arielle grew up almost exclusively on potatoes, although she admits her palate has broadened slightly since then. If you ever thought this vegetable (which is not a vegetable, it’s a tuber; we’ve covered this) was boring, prepare to have your mind exploded all the way off.

You’ll also learn some interesting facts about potatoes, so strap in and get ready to carbo-load.

  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (11:20) - Arielle’s pick: Hash browns
  • (13:28) - Mark’s pick: Roast
  • (15:14) - Arielle’s pick: French fries
  • (17:28) - Mark’s pick: Chips
  • (20:48) - Arielle’s pick: Samosas
  • (23:18) - Mark’s pick: Jacket
  • (25:10) - Arielle’s pick: Latkes
  • (28:16) - Mark’s pick: Shepherd’s pie
  • (29:22) - Dinner break
  • (31:34) - Building the final list
  • (38:14) - Potato school
  • (41:04) - Earbuds Podcast Collective
  • (43:58) - Goodbyes

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