Top 5 moments of anarchism

This week’s guest is Liam Barrington-Bush, a Bristol-based activist who helps organisations think more like people, and has loads of real-world experience of how people can govern themselves, build their own systems, and get closer to achieving what they want, without having those systems handed down to them.

After years of community activism and disillusionment with political systems, Liam discovered that people were capable of remarkable things when they weren’t being told what to do. Mark and Liam discuss the way the Internet has enabled or changed activism, but allowing information to spread to places that wouldn’t ordinarily be affected or invested. They also examine what happens after the dust has settled.

  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (05:54) - Liam’s pick: Argentine Occupy Factory movement
  • (20:50) - Mark’s pick: Indignados movement
  • (24:10) - Liam’s pick: People’s uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico
  • (31:10) - Mark’s pick: Singing Revolution
  • (37:02) - Liam’s pick: Sweets Way regeneration
  • (43:52) - Mark’s pick: Inner-London squatting in the 70s
  • (49:12) - Liam’s pick: Rojava revolution
  • (54:58) - Mark’s pick: Sous les pavés, la plage!
  • (56:36) - Liam’s pick: Viome factory occupation
  • (01:02:10) - Mark’s pick: Rage Against the Machine for Christmas #1
  • (01:04:26) - Au milieu de la discussion, la pause!
  • (01:09:48) - Putting the final list together
  • (01:13:38) - Honourable mentions
  • (01:17:32) - What happens next?

Follow Liam on Twitter @hackofalltrades, and check out his website.


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