Top 5 long-haul destinations

I took flight with speaker, author and “the entrepreneur’s godmother” Alison Edgar, to build a list of the best places it takes too long to fly to.

Alison flies a lot, and finds pinning her destinations on a map lends itself to a sense of perspective. I responded by finding another way to tie this into my favourite sci-fi series, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Alison, like Mark, enjoys — or enjoyed - a Bloody Mary, which has — for reasons best known to others — become de rigueur for those who enjoy boozing above the clouds.

Public service announcement: if you have Netflix and are on a long-haul flight, do remember to download a season of something to watch before you fly. No-one wants to be caught short if the in-flight media selection is sub-par.

Born in Glasgow and a self-styled extravert, Alison is not content with spending all day every day on the beach or in the local British theme pub, watching endless Only Fools repeats. She wants to mix it up with the people that make up the places she visits.

As well as a couple of good cocktail recommendations, this episode also includes a game you can play at the airport.

Alison’s picks

In order of discussion:

Cape Town

Alison lived in Cape Town for a couple of years and considers it one of the most naturally beautiful cities she’s ever lived in. If you’re ever in South Africa, you absolutely must try a Don Pedro.


We’re developing a theme with Alison’s pick, but you’d be hard pressed to argue that the weather, the food and the lifestyle don’t make California a must-visit destination.


Alison’s third pick is a place in which she describes “sticking out like a sore thumb”, but Shanghai taught her a lot and she has very fond memories of the people and places she visited.


Any suggestion that Alison picked this city of beautiful weather and opulent architecture purely because she got to stay in their 7-star hotel will not be tolerated. It is very hot though.

My picks

In order of discussion:


I once flew to Sydney via Singapore, and did most of the things you’re supposed to do in Sydney. This was also a top pick for Alison.

New York City

My second pick is not necessarily a place you’d want to live, but definitely one you should take a good long look at. It wasn’t on Alison’s list, but perhaps it can make the final?


Although it’s not necessarily a place I want to visit alone, I’m captivated by the history of Egypt.


This nearly made Alison’s list, but it makes mine because of its culture and its weather. That said, the disparity in wealth was a concern for both of us.

More of Alison Edgar

Alison is the Managing Director of Sales Coaching Solutions, author of /Secrets of Successful Sales/, and business speaker. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and on LinkedIn.

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