Top 5 Cannon films

Thrill to the sounds of podcaster and movie-lover Ben Smith, sharing his top five shlockbusters with Mark Steadman. You won’t believe your ears! List Envy, in select theatres now.

Ben is the co-host of the EuroWhat? podcast with previous guest Mike McComb, and hailing from the same state as Mystery Science Theater 3000 has a keen eye for a film that’s so bad it’s good. But that’s not all the Cannon studio had to offer; some of the work is surprisingly meaningful, if buried under piles of rubble caused by explosions set off by breakdancing ninjas.

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Mark especially is quite liberal with the spoiler sauce in this episode, so if you plan on watching any of these films, just be warned that the element of surprise — at least in terms of plot — might be diminished.

  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (04:46) - Ben’s pick: The Apple
  • (09:06) - Mark’s pick: Lifeforce
  • (11:14) - Ben’s pick: Brekain’
  • (13:57) - Mark’s pick: House of the Long Shadows
  • (16:34) - Ben’s pick: Ninja 3: The Domation
  • (21:41) - Mark’s pick: Runaway Train
  • (26:12) - Ben’s pick: Invasion USA
  • (29:57) - Mark’s pick: Barfly
  • (33:22) - Popcorn time
  • (36:18) - More of Ben Smith
  • (37:38) - Building the final list
  • (38:58) - Honourable mentions and goodbyes

Ben is the co-host of the EuroWhat? podcast, and you can follow him on Twitter @benmsmith.

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