Why your work will never be finished, and why that’s awesome

Tim Minchin, a successful comedian and Olivier award-winning musical writer, experienced a setback in 2016 when his film “Larrikins” was abruptly canceled by Comcast after they acquired Dreamworks. Despite years of work and big names attached to the project, it was shut down and became nothing more than a tax write-off. However, Minchin has moved on to other projects, including appearing in a Disney+ series called “The Artful Dodger.” His career is far from over.

We often think about reaching a point where we can say, “I’ve made it,” but the reality is that setbacks and challenges are inevitable. Careers don’t always follow a linear rise to success. They can loop back, go up and down, and take unexpected turns. Life doesn’t have a definitive “The End” moment, and that’s a good thing. It means there is always more adventure to be had.

As creative individuals, we’re always seeking new challenges and opportunities. Some of these endeavors will succeed, some will fail, and some will stagnate. Embracing this uncertainty is part of the journey and adds to the excitement.

Remember, there is no ultimate destination in the creative process. Instead, there are stopping points where we can rest and reflect before moving on to the next challenge. It’s natural to feel restless and crave the next thing. This mindset keeps us motivated and eager for growth.

So, let go of the notion of “making it” and focus on the journey itself. Enjoy the rest stops along the way, but never stop seeking new experiences. And remember, it’s the pubs we visit on the long walk that make the journey worthwhile.

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