What will you do with your extra day?

Leap Day is an opportunity to tackle tasks or pursue activities that we might not usually have the time or inclination for. The extra day that occurs every four years could be used to step out of our comfort zones, explore new surroundings, or simply catch up on things we’ve been meaning to do.

In this episode, you’ll

  • Learn about the astronomical explanation behind the occurrence of leap days and how they help in adjusting the mismatch between our calendar year and the Earth’s orbit around the sun.
  • Hear anecdotes and stories about how the unexpected can occur on this ‘extra’ day, inspiring you to create your own memorable leap day experience.
  • Be encouraged to seize this day as an opportunity for adventure, relaxation, or personal growth, reminding you that it’s not always about spending time in ‘noble pursuits’, sometimes it’s just about letting time accrue like interest.

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