What to do when “commitment” isn't enough

Commitment alone may not always be enough. Today we explore the concept of devotion and how it differs from commitment in order to find a deeper sense of purpose and passion in our work.

In this episode, you’ll

  • Discover the nuances between commitment and devotion, understanding how dedication can be more static while devotion brings a sense of love, loyalty, and enthusiasm to your work.
  • Explore the idea of prioritisation and how devotion can help you focus on what truly matters, allowing you to distinguish your main focus from side projects.
  • See devotion as the guiding flame that fuels your commitment, helping you navigate any wavering commitments and find new candles to rekindle your passion.

By delving into the spectrum of commitment and devotion, this episode offers valuable insights into how to approach your work with a deeper sense of purpose and how to maintain your commitment even when faced with challenges. So, if you’re looking to understand the importance of devotion and how it can enhance your creative endeavours, this episode is a must-listen.


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