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Mark discusses the concept of starting from episode one and explores the journey and growth of creators over time. He shares examples of YouTube channels like HowToADHD and MKBHD to emphasize that regardless of where you start or the privileges you may have, it’s inspiring to see how creators develop their content and improve over time. By looking at the arc of their progress, you can gain insight and motivation for your own creative endeavors.


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A rewarding way to stick to a creative habit

Back in the early 20th century, preventable mining accidents were a lot more common. Then one day, a mining employee had the imaginative idea to show a sign saying something like "three days since our last accident." The thought was that every day employees would see that sign and want to keep the streak going, so that every day the number would get bigger. If there was an accident, the sign would be reset to zero. In the early 1920s, chemical company DuPont took this idea and ran with it. They're a safety-conscious company and they still use signage like this to encourage everyone working there to stay safe. It's now a widespread idea, and it's even in the opening sequence of The Simpsons.