How to be friends with a famous person

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a well-known figure who genuinely loves what he does. He’s a fan of the McElroy brothers and has even written songs for them. Lin-Manuel is a self-styled fourth McElroy brother and has made appearances at their shows. He’s also famous for his work on Hamilton and other Disney films.

Fandoms often generate new art inspired by the creative works they love. This is where you can shine as a generous creator. When people love what you do, they will want to contribute to your work and help spread the word.

Finding an ambassador for your work may not be something you can hire or force. It’s a relationship that needs to develop naturally. However, you can start by connecting with well-known individuals who embody the message you carry. They don’t have to be world-famous; they just need to be influential within your field or community.

To get on their radar, actively engage with them on social media. Be helpful, provide value, and participate in discussions. Show that you appreciate and consume their work. Over time, they may start to notice your consistent presence.

Once you have their attention, continue adding value and being visible. Offer assistance or insights when appropriate. Be genuine in your interactions and don’t push for collaboration or promotion unless the relationship naturally progresses to that point.

Remember, this isn’t a guaranteed strategy, but it’s worth building genuine relationships with prominent individuals who align with your values. The ultimate goal is to have someone with a platform amplify your work because they genuinely enjoy it.

So, who would be your ambassador? Think about someone well-known or influential within your field who embodies your message. Connect with them, be patient, and focus on being helpful and genuine. You have nothing to lose by building relationships with those who can potentially amplify your work.

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