How does each generation identify with your work?

Let’s dive into the differences in needs and values between generations.

  • We’ll start with Boomers, who value direct and formal communication. They appreciate clear narratives and morals in stories. They prefer formal communication styles, like letter writing, and want relatable stories.
  • Generation X, on the other hand, seeks efficient and authentic communication. They enjoy user-generated content and appreciate humor and informality. They value receiving facts and news online, but are wary of being deceived.
  • Millennials enjoy collaboration and open communication. They like a personalized experience and diverse perspectives. They value authenticity, transparency, and social responsibility. Millennials popularized “canceling” and expect speech to have consequences
  • Zoomers prefer short and direct communication. They prioritize visuals and entertainment. They are comfortable with multiple communication channels and consume content through screens. They learn from peers and value social connection.

While these are generalisations, it’s important to recognize that individuals within each generation may have unique communication needs. To effectively communicate with a specific generation, tailor your approach to their values and preferences.

Remember, values may change as people age, but their core beliefs typically strengthen. Instead of focusing solely on age, understanding generational values can help build stronger and lasting relationships.

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