Cross-promotions on easy mode

When it comes to creative work on the internet, we are often taught that collaboration and cross promotion are the way to go. And it’s true, they can be highly effective in many cases. However, if you’re not in a strategic mood or simply want a different approach, what do you do?

Let’s flip cross-promotion on its head. Instead of finding a strategic partner and figuring out how to set something up, start by pinpointing something you already love and that you think your audience would also enjoy. For example, let’s say there’s a podcast episode you really enjoyed. Rather than setting up a strategic cross-promotion, just tell people about it. Mention it in your newsletter, link to the episode’s website, or even create a video where you discuss and share it.

When you share the content, make sure to tag and thank the creator. Keep the focus on them and their work, not on promoting yourself. It’s about building genuine connections and adding value for your audience. And if you genuinely appreciate their content, there’s no harm in reaching out privately to express your gratitude and potentially explore collaboration opportunities.

Remember, there’s no guarantee that the other party will respond or promote your stuff. But that’s okay. By sharing valuable content with your audience, you’ve already added value and there’s no loss on your end. Building relationships in this way may not always be fast or certain, but it’s more proactive, authentic, and effective in the long run.

Keep a note of all the things you want to highlight to your audience. Whenever you come across something you think they’ll enjoy, save it. Then, when you create your own content or engage in social activities, refer back to your list and share these gems with your audience. It’s a way to build your network and add value to your audience in a genuine and generous manner.

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