17 things I wish I knew about networking before I was 40

Building relationships is a complex, but crucial part of the creative journey. This episode provides a comprehensive guide to meaningful connection, starting from understanding your own values and needs, to finding potential fans, and even to dealing with the challenges of networking as an introvert.

From this episode, you’ll

  • Learn how to build a team that will support you on your creative journey, understanding how each role contributes to your success.
  • Gain insight into the importance of aligning your goals with your personal values, and how to put those beliefs into action.
  • Discover the potential of networking beyond social media, underscoring the value of traditional platforms like blogs, comments, and forums, as well as the power of in-person connections at events, workshops, and even in everyday situations.


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In-person networking for introverts

About 11 years ago, I decided to go to a conference in Poland, which was all about a web internet framework that I was using at the time. The first day went well, and I had a decent enough time. They had a party afterwards, so I got to speak to a few people and made a couple of friends. It was quite nice. However, on the second day, I don't think I spoke to a single person.

Unconventional ways to network without social media

I remember when social media was actually social. Forgive me for a moment as I get a bit nostalgic. Back in the day, people used to hang out and have conversations on social media. They were still doing their creative things while having fun, but they were also engaged in meaningful interactions. It wasn't just about broadcasting, and there wasn't an overwhelming number of people telling us how to do creative work or make money. The gurus say we need to use social media to promote our art and creativity, but what ends up happening is that we just keep shouting louder than the last person. We're told to do what others do, but do it more, say what they say, but say it quicker. We're constantly pushed to be better, faster, stronger, and it's exhausting. At some point, it may be time to opt out.