Mark Steadman's Escape Hatch

A limited-run radio series and podcast mixing storytelling, roleplay, interviews and music

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Stuart Langridge

Programmer Stuart Langridge joins Mark at the Brum Radio studio to play episode 1 of the Zombies on a Spaceship arc.

Jessica Rose

Consult and “Internet’s den mother” Jess Rose plays part two, in the Brum Radio studio.

Poppie Simmonds

University student Poppie plays part three, in the Brum Radio studio.

Tom Lennon

Writer Tom Lennon joins Mark at his home studio to play part four of Zombies on a Spaceship.

Blake Woodham

Brum Radio presenter Blake plays part five, from Mark’s home studio.

Jamie Garner

Friend and former Rhubarb Radio stablemate Jamie joins Mark at his home studio to play part six.

Philip Ellis

Writer and Brum Radio presenter Philip plays part seven, from Marks’ home studio.

Matt Smith

Friend and co-host of Mark’s Distraction Engine podcast, Matt Smith, joins Mark to play chapter eight via Skype.

Ryan Parish

Geeky Brummie creator and Brum RAdio co-host Ryan joins Mark at his home studio to play chapter nine of Zombies on a Spaceship.

Daz Wright

The founder of Birmingham-based ukulele group Moselele joins Mark at home to play chapter ten.

Rob Kemp

Comedian Rob Kemp plays chapter eleven, from Mark’s home studio.

Paul Hadsley

Brum Radio producer Paul Hadsley plays the final chapter, live from the Brum Radio studio.

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