The Podcast Canvas

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The Podcast Canvas is a complete roadmap to building a successful podcast. Based on my 16+ years of knowledge working with 1,500+ podcasters, this free Notion workbook will help you

  • Define your target listener so you can make everything feel like it was made just for them
  • Create a mission statement that distils how your listener will benefit from spending time with you
  • Nail your podcast pitch, including the name, description, and artwork
  • Plan your first year’s worth of content
  • Get your first 1,000 listeners

👇 Here’s a full tour of the Podcast Canvas.


Hiya đź‘‹ I’m Mark

I help subject matter experts solve podcasting problems. In my 16+ years in the podcasting business I’ve produced thousands of hours of content, provided tools to thousands of podcasters, and made a thousand mistakes.


I developed the Canvas after helping more than 1,500 podcasters start and grow their podcasts. It’s based on everything I know about crafting a compelling premise, and giving your audience that tingle at the back of their neck that only comes when something resonates deeply.

—Georgina Jones, Host, Love Shortage
I've no doubt without Mark's help I'd still be twiddling my podcast thumbs, thinking and not doing. Instead I'm close to 20 episodes in and excited by the next chapter.
—Ben Johnson, Host, Peripheral Thinking
You will learn how to launch a podcast and how to love yourself more at the same time.
—Serena Savini, Host, I'm Back!
The process of physically producing a podcast felt overwhelming. Your course – and your way of assuring the student that their fears and insecurities are normal and natural – has genuinely made me stop in my tracks and wonder whether it's a better fit for me (traditional social media brings me out in hives!)
—Anya Pearse, The A to Z of Happiness
Mark is an inspiration in so many ways. Not least because of his ability to mentor in all things podcast. He possesses this rare combination of first class coaching skills with technical proficiency.
—Liliana Ashton, Managing Director, LA UK Consulting Ltd
Mark is so knowledgeable and experienced he makes complex things incredibly simple. He's flexible, and gently sees the gaps in your knowledge and fills them in, helping to create a professional and high quality offering.
—Pippa Frith