The challenges of growing a podcast without friends and family support

Roger Dixon, Nina Velvet, and Mark talk marketing a sex-positive podcast.

Growing a podcast can be challenging, but it becomes especially difficult when you need to remain anonymous. This may be due to various reasons, such as wanting to protect your privacy or waiting for someone to come of age. Whatever the reason, it’s important to know that there are still ways to promote your podcast without revealing your true identity.

Guesting on other podcasts

One way to promote your podcast is by guesting on other podcasts. This helps you get in front of a new audience and also allows you to network with other podcasters. Platforms like and can be used to find podcasts that are looking for guests. You can also search for podcasts in your niche and reach out to them directly.

Collaborating with other podcasters

Another way to promote your podcast is by collaborating with other podcasters. You can swap trailers or promos with other podcasters to cross-promote your shows. This is a win-win situation, as it helps both podcasts reach new audiences.

Building a listener profile

To grow your podcast, it’s important to know who your listeners are and where they hang out. You can create a listener persona by researching other podcasts in your niche and finding out what kind of listeners they have. Once you have a better understanding of your audience, you can start to reach out to them directly or through social media.

Social media

Social media can be a powerful tool for promoting your podcast, especially if you’re trying to remain anonymous. However, it’s important to focus on one platform that you feel will have the most traction. Twitter and Instagram are good platforms for podcasters. You can also use social media to gather and tell funny stories anonymously. A good example of this is the anonymous Twitter account @fesshole, where people can submit anonymous confessions.

Seasonal promotion

Promoting your podcast by season can be a smart strategy. It allows you to batch produce a few episodes and create a season trailer to promote the upcoming episodes. This gives you an extra bump in terms of what you can promote and tell people about. You can also have a “coming out party” for your podcast to celebrate your show and reveal your true identity to your listeners.


Having a website for your podcast is essential. It gives your listeners a place to find your episodes and learn more about your show. Make sure your website is up-to-date with new episodes and has a clear call-to-action for people to subscribe to your podcast.


Having good artwork is important for your podcast. It’s the first thing people see when they come across your show. Make sure your artwork is eye-catching and reflects the tone of your podcast.


Growing a podcast while remaining anonymous can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. By use the strategies above, you can promote your podcast and reach new audiences without revealing your true identity.

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