When all the good names are taken

Who remembers Business Bricks? Plus the latest behind-the-scenes update on my podcast.

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Last week I promised I’d start writing about the internals of my business, which will revolve around my daily podcast. While I’m fewer than 100 episodes in and I have a – let’s call it – bijou listener base, but as I get clearer about the show’s purpose, I feel like Morning Creative as a name isn’t matching up.

The problem is, I’m usually really good at naming things, so this is driving me mental. I mean, I’m almost certainly overthinking it, but I feel like a swimmer grabbing at a lifebuoy that keeps bobbing just out of reach.

And so we come to Business Bricks.

Back in 2005 there was a wonderful email newsletter called Business Bricks. If memory serves it ran 3 times a week and each short issue shared one simple idea. It was here that I discovered Seth Godin, blogging, Flickr, and Delicious.

For something like £15 or £30 you could run a classified ad. I think I placed 2 ads for my then tiny little consultancy, and each time I got work.

God I miss those times.

Anyway, I’ve always loved the atomic nature of Business Bricks. One email, one simple thing to take away. Very readable, very useful.

That’s what I want to achieve with Morning Creative, so I’ve been stuck on how to convey the same concept.

And it’s been doing my head in.

Creative Bricks is a bit on the nose and not too inspiring. Creative Blocks means something entirely different. Creative Elements is the old name for a highly successful podcast and newsletter. Bento… is that anything? Node…something-or-other?


I went down a whole rabbit hole of single-word names, too. Generator, Fundamental, Elemental… all of those words are taken by moribund and mostly mediocre podcasts. ’m not suggesting mine is incredible, but it’s better than what’s on offer. However that’s not a good enough reason to start adding name collision.

What I loved about Business Bricks is that it didn’t promise solutions, quick wins, cheat codes, or shortcuts. It just said, with quiet confidence, “these are ideas that, one by one, add up to a successful business”.

That’s what I want.

Why this matters

Names are important, but there’s a limit to how hard they can work. I’m conscious that thinking of a killer name is a great way to procrastinate, but I’m also well aware of the positioning power and the ability to say “this is the premise of the show and this is is what it’s called” and for people’s eyes to light up and for them to reach for their phones because they need this in their lives.

So it matters. And I’d rather do it now, while my listener base is small than do it in a year’s time when it’s harder to manoeuvre.

And speaking of listeners…

This week’s graphs

Screenshot of a graph showing a steady but spiky increase in podcast downloads

Here’s how the podcast is growing. Still on an upward trajectory after December’s early hype. I’m plugging away at being social, making clips (mostly to garner comments from LinkedIn that I can use on the podcast), having fun and being friendly on Threads, which is turning out to be quite enjoyable now that the algorithm’s calming down.

Screenshot of a spiky line graph showing the number of downloads attributable to various podcast players

In January I bought an ad in the Overcast podcast player. You can see via the orange line that it’s definitely had an impact.

In an upcoming issue I’ll tell you about the massive ad I’ve placed in another podcast app. I better get the naming thing fixed before it goes out!

As ever, if you want to see the numbers and hear what I think and feel about them – and maybe hear my namestorming session for Morning Creative – you can come backstage with me for a fiver a month… or less than 25p per episode of said podcast, which is a bloody good deal if you ask me.

Thanks as ever for your attention. You can now leave comments on these emails if you’ve got anything you want to add. Or if you want to share this post with anyone, you can hit the button below.

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