A new morning

This is a long one, but another diary entry that attempts to sum up Mark’s last few years, so you can have a sense of what has contributed to his burnout. Pleased to say though, it has, if not a traditionally happy ending, a very definitely hopeful one.

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In-person networking for introverts

About 11 years ago, I decided to go to a conference in Poland, which was all about a web internet framework that I was using at the time. The first day went well, and I had a decent enough time. They had a party afterwards, so I got to speak to a few people and made a couple of friends. It was quite nice. However, on the second day, I don't think I spoke to a single person.

Plan a year of content in just a few hours

In the early nineties, Spanish TV experienced a peculiar situation between two rival channels. The competition was fierce, and one night, during the broadcast of a film, the screens suddenly went dark. Another film, completely different from the one being shown, started playing. This unplanned switch occurred because someone from Channel One noticed that Channel Two was airing a highly anticipated blockbuster film. Channel One decided to abandon their original program and try to attract viewers from Channel Two.

This episode is better because I only gave myself an hour to make it

"28 Days Later" is one of my favorite films. When my brother and I went to see it in the cinema in 2002, he made fun of me. After the movie ended, he looked at me and asked, "What did you think?" I replied with enthusiasm, "Awesome!" Unfortunately, my sincere response wasn't appreciated at the time.