Your Voice is a Beacon

Each of us has a unique relationship to our voice, and many of us are often told to speak up or pipe down.

Podcast producer Mark Steadman found his voice at a young age, and now helps others find theirs. From creating a radio station in his bedroom to almost getting sued for giving a traumatised woman a chance to speak, Mark charts a course through a life in song and story.

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I wrote this song a few weeks ago after hearing the chorus in a dream.


Optimism plays a crucial role in shaping our perspective and experiences in life. It allows us to have a forward-looking outlook, embrace possibilities, and cultivate a growth mindset. Optimism helps us notice the good things, be open to change, and enhance problem-solving abilities. By choosing to see the world with optimism, we can create a more fulfilling and positive life.


Learning to say "no" is essential for setting boundaries, protecting our own time and energy, and being authentic to ourselves. It can be challenging, especially for people-pleasers, but by understanding our capacity, being self-compassionate, and practicing clear communication, we can navigate the complexities of saying "no" in a healthy and empowered way.

Can I Be Paid to Be Me?

A conversation with Carlos and Laurence, founders of the Happy Startup School, about making a career – and life transition – and realising, maybe you don't have to always be furiously creating, to get where you want to go.


My appearance on the PodPod podcast, from the makers of the British Podcast Awards.