Introducing your Virtual Executive Producer

I'll help you fast-forward through frustration and overwhelm, and skip to the bit where you feel like a creative genius every day.

Let’s get started

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Making something good is hard. Making something that matters is even harder.

At least, that’s what the Internet wants you to believe.

Every day we’re shown perfect pictures of purposeful people making profit and pursuing their passion and… it’s exhausting. No wonder you have those days when you think “why am I even doing this?”

Hiya 👋 I’m Mark.

I’ve been making stuff for the Internet since the turn of the century. I’ve toiled in obscurity, and I’ve gone viral. I’ve abandoned countless projects, either because I got bored, I self-sabotaged, or I felt like I was shouting into the void. I’ve also released work I’m insanely proud of, but under a completely different name, because I was so scared of what people in the “real world” would think of my side projects.

Now I’m doing the best work of my life. My daily podcast is growing by double-digit percentages month-on-month, and I’ve never had so much great feedback.

A collection of reviews, compliments, and comments

What I’ve learned in a quarter of a century is that what you measure matters. Goals aren’t what separate successful creators from those who gave up too soon. Take a single step every day in the right direction, and you’ll get there. It’ll take longer than you think, but the truth is, there is no other way.

So, let’s make this fun.

Most creators give up before they get to see the effect they’re having. Once they’ve mastered the skills and the initial buzz has quieted, things get tricky. Motivation wains and you start second-guessing yourself. And without solid systems in place – or a backlog of content for when life gets in the way – the work starts to feel more rushed. The less you get out of it, the less you put in, so the less you hear back from people and the cycle perpetuates.

Let’s break that cycle.

Having a virtual exec producer on your team is like having an advisor, a tech wrangler, a marketing consultant, and a raving fan all in one package. Someone who’s in your corner, who’s invested in the success of your project, and who can help you work through the rough patches and pull clarity from confusion.

I’ve a rare combination of technical chops and real heart. I only work with people whose projects I believe in, and I back that enthusiasm up with action.

Working with me doesn’t just mean having a pleasant chat every week. You’ll leave with a clear set of actions you need to take, and I’ll help you with some of the legwork too.

I’ve taken overachievers from being paralysed by imposter syndrome to being award nominated. I’ve helped people discover their voice, and I’ve watched them demolish barriers that were put in place from childhood.

None of them have any innate gifts you don’t. They just took the leap and did the work. And, it turns out, they enjoyed it.

It’s time to do the Big Work

If you want to start something new this year and make it stick, now’s the best time. We can work one-on-one or in a group, and if you’re worried about money, we can work something out.

And speaking of money:

  • You can book weekly sessions with me for a minimum of 3 months, at £270 per month (that’s about $340).
  • You can join a pod of 4 people for £90 per month (around $115).

What we’ll do in our weekly sessions

Our engagement will start by us working through your Creator Dashboard. This is a living document that helps you keep track of the work you’re doing, how you’re letting the world know it exists, and the feedback you receive. This gives you clarity and accountability so you’ll always know what to do each week to move the needle.

We’ll meet each week to go through anything that’s come up for you since our last call, address how you’re feeling and find out what’s blocking your way. You’ll end the call with one single thing to do between now and our next call, and I’ll offer support and resources – and do some heavy lifting where needed – to get you to your next milestone.

Cross section of a mine, the top level of which shows a man making his way through solid rock, the bottom panel showing a man walking away after having almost cleared the way entirely

Never give up

You’re so close to doing something that makes a sizeable impact in someone’s life. Creative work literally saves lives – but if you give up before you hit critical mass, you’ll never get to meet your biggest fans. That doesn’t mean doggedly doing the same thing until you’ve sucked the joy out of everything – it just means getting knocked down and getting right back up again.

I can’t wait to see what you do.
You’re going to be amazing.

Mark is someone who you feel you've known for years when you first meet him. He's a warm and wonderful force of nature.
—Frances Fogel
Such a rich and great partnership – always supportive, awesomely talented and with you on the journey.
—Pia Lee, Co-founder & CEO, Squadify
I've no doubt without Mark's help I'd still be twiddling my podcast thumbs, thinking and not doing. Instead I'm close to 20 episodes in and excited by the next chapter.
—Ben Johnson, Host, Peripheral Thinking
I love Mark's ability to support me and create a safe space, to be practical yet empowering, and to help me eat the elephant one bite at a time.
—Serena Savini, Host, I'm Back!
It's impossible to know what you don't know. When you're busy with the grind of making a weekly podcast, it's very hard to find an opportunity to stop and take a broader view of how things are going or where improvements can be made. So Mark provides that overview.
—Zoe Edwards, Host, Check Your Thread
Some people instinctively make good ideas better, they can't help but elevate; Mark is one of them. This is the kind of personality everyone needs on their side - especially in this industry because podcasting can be a lonely and relentless business.
—Lucy Clayton, Author and podcaster, Dress: Fancy
Mark is amazing. He is helping me come out of my shell and become visible in a way that I didn't even realize I needed. I couldn't have imagined a better guide in the process of starting a podcast, and we've only just begun.
—Anna Kolak
Mark is so knowledgeable and experienced he makes complex things incredibly simple. He's flexible, and gently sees the gaps in your knowledge and fills them in, helping to create a professional and high quality offering.
—Pippa Frith