On Sonorous Seas

Artist Mhairi Killin presents the story of a whale that washed up on the shore of the Hebridean island of Iona in 2018. For this podcast, I worked in partnership with The Space to work with Mhairi on some of the technical and process-heavy aspects of the podcast.

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Here’s some other work from my portfolio

The Naked Art of Living

What's on the other side of success?

Peripheral Thinking

Ben Johnson presents conversations from the margins, the periphery. I worked with Ben to setup his podcast, and deliver new episodes recorded remotely.

A Practical Guide to Death

She Wants a Dog produced this anthology of short-form dramas exploring the theme of death. I helped Pippa and Kate with the technical aspects of launch, including feed management, submission to directories, website development, and handling uploads.

We Not Me

We Not Me, from Squadify

Petit Sounds

Multilingual parenting