Meegloo sprang from an idea passed around between some of Birmingham’s digital consultants and creatives, to create a unified dashboard for remote attendance to events. Mark built a prototype over the easter of 2011, and in July pitched it to an incubator in Aston.

The original concept involved a grid of widgets for live streaming vide, text chat, Flickr photos, tweets and Facebook messages. The service would constantly monitor these feeds for information relating to a specific hashtag, specified by the event organiser. Each event would have a unique address, open to the public.

Shortly after joining the E4F incubator, Mark pivoted the app’s focus away from event dashboards and towards citizen journalism, building a mobile app that would work like a combination of Twitter and Tumblr. Journalists would create “streams” to report on events, which app users would follow.

The app was released to the App Store and the Google Play Store in late 2011, and was decommissioned in early 2012.