The Happy Manifesto

Henry Stewart and Maureen Egbe chat with pioneers in the world of workplace happiness, and share their own tips and techniques for creating more joy at work.

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Really enjoy working with Mark. He is super helpful, knows everything there is to know about podcasts and goes the extra mile.
—Henry Stewart, Chief Happiness Officer, Happy
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Artist Mhairi Killin presents the story of a whale that washed up on the shore of the Hebridean island of Iona in 2018. For this podcast, I worked in partnership with The Space to work with Mhairi on some of the technical and process-heavy aspects of the podcast.

The Naked Art of Living

What's on the other side of success?

Mindset, Mood & Movement

Interviews with experts on the mind, the body, and the soul to help entrepreneurs move from stuckness to confidence.

The Heroine's Journey

A collection of deep and emotional conversations providing an alternative to Joseph Campbell's archetypical narrative.

Generative Leaders

Exploring leadership from people tackling the world's todo list.