A farewell letter to my company

A thankyou letter to my company, which ran from late 2015 until autumn 2018.

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Dear Bloomsbury Digital,

Thank you for the last two-and-a-bit years… well, nearly three years if we go from the founding date. You let me make a living and you gave me very few sleepless nights, but ultimately you let me branch out and find my Thing.

You supported me when I left my job in July of 2016. We’d done plenty of work in the interim so the coffers were full, but it was stressful. We weathered through a douchebag client who fired you because it was Monday and they were bored, and shared the joy of picking up a great job working with a lovely crew on a medical project.

Most of all, you let me play. You let me spend those early Fridays working on a podcast and YouTube series. Then you let me join a radio station and help build them a website… you even let me present a show. Then in the latter part of 2016 you let me build a side-project.

And that’s really what this is about. Turns out that side-project is doing fairly well. It won’t have escaped your attention that that’s what’s paying the bills around here now. But that means, of course, that you and I need to part ways.

2017 was an incredible year, where you and I achieved a great deal. You took me to London, Florence and New York, and would later take me to Berlin. We had a whole side career in audiobook production, and those projects will stay around for as long as Audible wants to keep hosting them. We made videos together, we cooked up other little distractions, and you kept me very, very busy.

But 2018 has really been about Podiant, and I wouldn’t have been able to get there without your support. You literally funded its existence, but it did repay you by finding a wonderful client that let us work on an exciting project.

My career has been littered with beginnings and endings, turnings-over of new leaves, and of lessons learned. To date, you are the most successful thing I’ve brought into the world. I never thought you’d be the thing that would get me to the Thing, but it looks to be that way, and so for that, I’m very grateful.

Thanks buddy.
I’ll turn the lights off before I leave.


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