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I’m building a business based on my ideas, and the way I synthesise others’ ideas and make them accessible.

It’s a content business, which means it won’t have a linear journey. I’ll celebrate some big wins, make some daft mistakes, and continue to share what I’m learning.

My weekly newsletter offers a general overview of what I’m doing to move the needle, but if you support me through my Backstage membership, you’ll get the actual specifics: the numbers, the graphs, and the steps I went through.

This is not “how to make a content business”, because it’s happening in realtime. But you can choose to experiment along with me, or wait until the dust settles to figure out what’s worked and what hasn’t.

What you’ll get if you join

  • I’ll send you a monthly update via email about the specifics of my business and my work.
    • How many podcast listeners do I have?
    • How is my social media performing?
    • Am I making any money yet?
  • A private podcast where I talk through not just the numbers and the tactics, but the emotions they bring up. It’ll be raw and confessional, but always optimistic.

How it all works

Once you click the button to become a member, you’ll be taken to a payment page. This is run by Stripe, who are experts in taking secure payments. They won’t pass any of your info on to me, apart from your name and email address. That means I don’t have access to your debit/credit card or anything like that. I won’t pass your email address on to anyone, and Stripe will only use it to email you a receipt.

Why I’m not using Patreon

Going direct means you and I both pay less. You don’t have to pay added tax and I don’t have to swallow Patreon’s big commission.

Managing or cancelling your subscription

Once you login to your membership (which you can do on this page), you’ll be able to manage your subscription, change between annual and monthly, or cancel with a couple of clicks.

Pay £5 per month, or £50 per year. You can choose whether to pay monthly or annually on the next page, and you can cancel any time by returning to this page.

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