A Whiter Shade of Cale

A brief review of my first improv showcase, in Moseley.

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Tonight was an absolute blast. I had a really fun time and I managed to make a group of (mostly) strangers laugh. Definitely a good feeling.

The set started awkwardly, as anything involving that format with me does. I just can’t really settle into it. But as soon as the sketches started, I was away and having the time of my life. I was a French waiter at a special school, a potato, an interviewer talking with an acting vegetable (this being the highlight of the night for me, as it spun off a few sketches), then some slightly-awkward but - I think - still funny fourth-wall breaking guy. Jamie jumped in with a good line and we ended the show in fairly strange fashion. It felt like it went on for quite a while but in reality the actual set was only around 25 minutes.

I was so glad to see family turn up to see it. They said they really enjoyed it and had lots of nice things to say, so I’m really chuffed. For my part though, I just had loads of fun doing it and trying to make myself and the audience laugh, so I hope I get the opportunity to do it again, once the auditions roll around.

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