A gap in the market

Mathew Passey of CausePods, the Podcast Consultant, and Audit My Podcast, shares what to keep in mind when starting a podcast.

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Mathew Passy of CausePods, the Podcast Consultant, and Audit My Podcast, shares what to keep in mind when starting a podcast.

Does the podcast you create fill a void? If it does, who does it fill it for?

Don’t start a podcast if you just want to start a podcast. Have a mission. Do it for a reason. Start a podcast because you have something to say, and because podcasting is the best way to say it.

What is a gap in the market?

There may be a ton(ne) of podcasts similar to what one wants to make. As an independent creator, the podcast must be smaller, tighter, more focused, more niche than any others on the market, in order to succeed… depending of course on the metrics for “success”.

How does one plan to fill that need well?

The way you can really feel if the podcast actually matters: #engagement! You may be getting likes and retweets, but if no-one is actually talking to or about the podcast, it may not be fitting into a niche well.

What kind of research is needed to answer these questions?

Advice for using Reddit – or any social media, but especially Reddit because it can be a great tool – is this: read the rules. Take 5 minutes and read the rules for the forum, or the Facebook group, or wherever you want to promote. And engage on other posts; be a part of the community.

Links to things we mention:

Casting Call by Gimlet may have been a disappointment, especially considering the “winning podcast” hasn’t come out yet. If you’re interested in MultiLevel Marketing, Brendan highly recommends: The Dream about pyramid schemes.

Please check out Mathew Passy’s amazing lineup of work:

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Listen to the next episode for another great discussion on podcast burnout with guest Dan Misener from Pacific Content.

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